Some advanced praise

Schoolidarity recently received some advanced praise ahead of release from one of the director's heroes:

"Schoolidarity is cinematically extremely well done... The close association of teachers and students in Chicago and Wisconsin is the struggle that does not die just when the strike is over. It is a truly educative process which will rise again."
--Haskell Wexler, Director, Medium Cool

Mr. Wexler is the Oscar-winning cinematographer of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Over his long career he's shot some amazing narrative and documentary work, and I'm humbled and honored he loved my film. 


Andrew Friend

Andrew Friend is a documentary filmmaker in Chicago. During his 9-year service at a PBS station, his cinematography and lighting designs contributed to multiple award-winning projects, including his own Emmy nomination for technical achievement in videography in 2008. His 2010 film Workers' Republic was seen in many film festivals, and garnered the John Michaels Human Rights Film Award from the Big Muddy Film Fest. He is a producer and board member of grass-roots video collective Labor Beat. His 2015 film Schoolidarity documents and contrasts the Wisconsin Uprising of 2011 and the Chicago Teachers Strike of 2012.